Thursday, January 8, 2015

inspiration....color field

Color Field is such a cool name.
It would make a great band name if I ever needed a band name...Color Field is also a movement or a style of painting that came about after WWII and abstract expressionist painter, Helen Frankenthaler, was a part of this movement (along with Mark Rothko, a very famous Color Field painter). I came across Indian Summer this week and was just struck by the balance, shapes, and color. I work with color everyday, my title is Color Designer. (It is funny how jobs find you and just fit.) Color speaks to me and I just feel it.  I felt empowered by her work, her lifetime of exploration of color and texture.

I am also picking up the brush this year thanks to my husband, so painting is on the brain. Gorgeous studio spaces are also on the brain, but when are spaces NOT on the brain?? We might start shopping for a home in the city this spring, and in my mind, I want to walk into a light filled space with high ceilings and open floor plan, and the perfect spot for my new easel!

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