Tuesday, June 24, 2014

inspiration...Neocon 2014

It is inspiring to live in a city with so many great opportunities and Neocon is one of them—a free interior design tradeshow! For my second year attending (2013 here) I felt like I was a bit more "in-the-know" and I could navigate the show more easily. But physically it was so overwhelming—people jammed in every corner! That same week I had been reading Susan Cain's book Quiet: The Power of Introverts and was excited to see Steelcase take her information and design spaces specifically for personality types like me.

The Steelcase Quiet Studio

“Introverts recharge their batteries by being alone;

extroverts need to recharge when they don’t socialize enough.”
Susan Cain

While I love connecting and collaborating, I am at my best in a small more intimate group or on my own thinking through information. I like that she is making us not have to apologize for the way we work best. Office spaces have gone from cubicle world to open floor plan, and it is exciting to see space designers acknowledging and designing for all kinds of personalities and all kinds of work dynamics.

More examples from Steelcase and Susan Cain here.

Here are my inspirations from Neocon:

1. Best New Seating: Lo by Keilhauer

When I first saw this low seating conference table my heart started to race, something fresh! I LOVED this design. It is just the right balance of off-beat and cozy. It puts you in a different position with your coworkers and your body is seated in a new way. We happened to try out the table with the designer present and she was speculating on how this piece would be adopted. I looked across the table to my husband and we both said, "Our dinging room!" Tweak the aesthetic (color/materials) to feel more domestic and it would be great place to hang out with friends, eat, and play games.

2. Best Office Color: Pink by Herman Miller

Herman Miller has a special place in my heart, to me they just get it. Walking their showroom, I fell in love with their 2014 soft pink office pieces. The Girard Pinwheel Ottomans and soft wool pin boards, the space was bright and welcoming. I think I could be more creative in such a space.

(PS. I even saw Yves Béhar race on by, star designer sighting!)

3. Best Keynote Speaker: Todd Bracher

Todd Bracher is a talented guy with an impressive roster of projects for not yet 40! His keynote was informative to his career path, but most important to me was his inspiration and process. He noted that reduction was very important to him, and he always asks himself how he can take out everything and only leave the meaningful to communicate truth. He looks to nature to find his inspiration. The Trea chair for Humanscale was inspired directly from the human exoskeleton / hip and socket. His Dome lamp was inspired by the phases of the moon seen from below, and his Stick light was inspired by stick insects.

4. Best Color Trends: Green & Blue (think Easter)

5. Best"I want that" moment:
Herman Miller and Haworth tie

Herman Miller portable pin boards

Haworth leather lounge chair organizer

My husband and I have this movie quote from Napoleon Dynamite—the moment where Uncle Rico is selling the plastic bowls door-to-door and promises to throw in the wooden decorative ship and the lady whispers to her husband, "I waaant thaaaat." I do that when I see something I really like.

From last year, see my 2013 Neocon post here.


  1. So many beautiful tones! Thanks for a peek into the show.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post. I agree, the colors were so beautiful this season!