Monday, May 12, 2014

inspiration...the blank side

A little bit of inspiration for your day.

If you have a moment, watch this TEDx video presentation by Sudhakar Lahade.

Creativity Experiments: Sudhakar Lahade at TEDxSarasota

So, what would you draw on the back of your blank business card?

A new space and some fun interactions are great ways to spark the brain and get us out of our normal adult-minded environments. But the summary at the end fascinated me the most. I do think we limit ourselves in how we view our lives and our abilities. I remember when I was in first grade I was always drawing and friends would lament, "wow, I wish I could draw, you are so good!" I knew that I was okay, but I also knew they could draw too if they just did it. I think it takes a cup of curiosity and a dash of bravery to go out and just do it, weather we think we can or not. And what we draw on the blank side of our "socially accepted" business card of life is maybe what matters. For me I found it is hard to summarize myself, but then I immediately drew a book and it happened to be open. Books are important to me, I love to learn, read, explore, and understand. I also enjoy the solitude and reflection it allows, I am usually by myself when I read. That drawing represents a lot all in one, my faith (I daily read the Bible) my journal/sketch book of ideas and words (always have one handy) and imagination (exploring an entirely different world created by talented writers.)

Remember, we can all "draw" if we just take the time and try.

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