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I think the pressure for new businesses and/or brands to have a uniquely designed office space is a bit out of control right now (see my favorite here)—but sometimes a start-up can't afford the cool just yet, so off to Ikea you go. But wait!  Here enters the interesting business OpenDesk, their concept is to take cutting edge technology, and connect the design hungry costumer with a great design and a local fabricator. This brings the cost of unique and functional office furniture down and the status of DIY up a few notches from "wow." to "WOW!"

Above are my two favorite designs offered on OpenDesk. They even note how many people voted for the design and have downloaded the design. It will be interesting to watch how this company grows and branches out into more product offerings. I think this is also an awesome way to create retail furniture for a pop-up shop...

OpenDesk is a collaboration between 00, Ian Bennink, Joni & David Steiner, Tim Carrigan, Luke Hebblethwaite, and the teams behind FabHub, WikiHouse and AtFAB. The 00 team is led by James Arthur and Nick Ierodiaconou. Original photography by WikiGlasses designer Lynton Pepper.
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  1. I always enjoy your finds! Very nice because i never would get to see these otherwise!