Thursday, April 10, 2014

inspiration...the angle of a line

Yesterday I finally had the pleasure of attending a LWD meeting. Being in Chicago for over a year now, I have found it difficult to meet other female designers. I have met some talented ladies through the Art Institute's Continuing Education program, and now being a part of this group, I hope to meet more. There are so many creative people in this super, crazy, gorgeous city! Just hearing the stories last night and the strength of these ladies, many running their own businesses, was an encouragement and support. It made me miss my last job where I was 100% in the mix, so I hope to make it to more of these meetings in the future and even contribute to the round table discussions.

My take-away from this meeting was meeting Donna, one half of Studio 1 AM! She just launched a desk lamp, The Hangman, with CB2 and shared with us her experience.  I was really impressed with her story and her passion for design. You go, girl!

Her piece sparked my desk set round up of product that focus on the beauty of angles and lines. The simplicity of the design lets the material, color, finish, and balanced proportion stand out.

1. LAYERS design by Gino Carollo
2. Hangman Task Lamp by Studio 1AM for CB2
3. Victor & Sami Pine No. 1 chair
4. WV Design Holder Series
5. Ilaria Innocenti's Adobe Desk Tools collection
6. Julia Kostreva 2013 Planner (don't hate me, everything on her site is sold out! But I just loved her design so keep an eye out for her future work)

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