Saturday, March 1, 2014

inspiration...the ol' ampersand

What?? How cool is this little guy? The Adjustable Clampersand can be used to hold up your books, or start a conversation by attaching it to your coffee table or headboard :) Designed by Chicago illustrator, Tony Ruth or Coretoon, working with Tim Haley of for mechanical design and the Batavia Foundry outside of Chicago for casting, makes me so proud to be a Chicagoan! You can purchase one here for $40 and read more about it's inception:

As a personal note, a few weeks ago, Domesticated Desk became a legit company in Chicago, Illinois and the US of A!! Walking out of City Hall that day, I smiled all the way back to the EL. What a special moment to know that Domesticated Desk is now part of the legacy of Chicago businesses. Will it become a Marshall Fields, Crate & Barrel or Paper Source? Huh, who knows, but a girl can dream...

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