Thursday, January 30, 2014

inspiration...snow & flowers

Is it cold enough for you? 

Snow and flowers really don't go together, or do they? I know when it is really cold and snowy out, I am dreaming of spring. After the holidays, stores begin to turn over their inventory to early spring wear, and that kind of bugs me, because outside, there is usually no spring in sight. But on the blog today, let's pretend, shall we? I did a round up of some of my favorite floral images on my Pinetrest boards, and thought I would share with you. Just a few days ago, the South was hit hard with ice and snow, making traveling slow and torturous. I read that Home Depot opened their stores for people to stay, and created a reading room in their garden section. How awesome! It reminded me of one of my favorite paintings at the Art Institute, one that I enjoyed viewing on Monday. This young lady, captured by Mary Cassatt, is in her dressing gown, on her balcony/patio reading the daily newspaper. What a  marvelous Victorian "Instagram" moment!

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