Friday, November 22, 2013

inspiration...the field

I just love visiting the Field Museum of Natural History. (Here is a cute video about the FM, Brain Scoop featuring Emily Graslie. Hey Emily, can we be friends?) My hubby and I went last week to see the new exhibit featuring items from the 1893 World's Fair, and I had to come face to face with my worst fear:

Yeah, I fear octopus, and this one was hovering above my head ready to strike! Why am I even doing this to myself posting it now??

While the millions of items displayed, stored and collected at the FM, in a beautiful building created for the 1893 World's Fair and the fact that they have Sue....

I keep waiting for her to jump off the platform and wag her tail.

...there is one  FM fail (aside from hovering ocean creatures from hell) and that is the Dungeon McDonald's. So while you can buy yummy salty fries on a break from looking at bones, the space is out of date, dark and a bit dank. Sad day.

my FM inspiration images

So to honor the beauty of the building, the history of it's contents and the high caliber research that happens there, I propose a new cafe concept! This cafe could be called the F.M. Herbarium Cafe ("herbarium" is my new favorite word, by the way) and feature a menu of fresh veggie dishes, soups and sandwiches. The interior can be a fresh white on creme, hits of marble and aged wood with references to research, history and nature. I love the mix of the more modern campaign chair and the new DWR Petal table and any light from Circa Lighting will do just fine. Details can include lots of vegetation on tables and in windows, antique bottles and jars, and a beautiful wood chevron flooring. Maybe an enclosed garden area for summer use?

I could work on this all day, but this is just a snap shot of the idea.

1. Henry Pendant by Circa Lighting / 483
2. Director's Chair by Serena & Lily / 395
3. Petal Dining Table  at DWR / 2198
4. Farrow & Ball New White 59
5. French Oak chevron flooring
6. Footed Terrarium by Terrain / 48
7. Antique jars by Dering Hall / 850

I was dreaming of where a modern Mr. Bennett would like to go and grab a bite to eat after being in his study all day. What do you think? Better than a dank Micky D's?

inspiration image of kitchen by Karen Rosenlund via


  1. Love your field cafe inspiration boar!. I am so missing the Field since I moved across the country.

  2. Alaina-I know, there really is nothing like the FM. Chicago has so many cool places to visit. I am sure you will find some awesome spots in your new home town! -Rachel

  3. Looking good! Great to see the evolution of your posts. Sharing your ideas and opinions out here is such a treat! LOVE the cafe concept. In fact, I really do enjoy a truly well done museum cafe. Where else but there to recharge and contemplate during an afternoon of learning and art/ exhibits. Gotta take me on a field trip if I ever make it out to Chicago, okay?