Wednesday, November 6, 2013

inspiration...take a stand

This blog has never mentioned food, but I thought I would use it for a quick rant and hopefully inspire some awareness to the food we eat.

First off, I have never been a "foodie" because I think being a "foodie" means you have to first love food, and for me, not so much. I have had a battle with food for almost 15 years now and only in the last year and a half, have become increasingly focused on what causes me to feel so sick. My first step was eliminating gluten/wheat from my diet, which I thought would be impossible (a heart issue, not really a practical issue) but my heart was fine, it was the eye opener that gluten was in everything that shocked me. But after a year and a half of a diagnosed autoimmune disease and the elimination of all my happy foods...Dominoes pizza, Oreos and Krispy Kreme doughnuts...I still find things are just not right. Then I learned of GMO foods. I have watched Food Inc. and felt the hopelessness of our food industry being monopolized and biologically altered with the support of our government. "Soylent Green" anyone? I recently went to purchase popcorn, my current favorite treat, armed with my no GMO rule, could only find one brand selling non-gmo popped corn, Angie's Boom Chicka Pop, pretty tasty. But really, only ONE? (read this blog post) So while I continue to uncover my stomach issues, I want to encourage you to evaluate what you eat and make it clear what you truly support through your educated purchases. I know there are so many issues in this world to fight for, but if there is a monopoly on our food, and what we eat is not nutritious but is actually causing cancer, autoimmune disease and infertility, where will we be in the next 50 years? Let's add it to the list.

I checked out these sites and signed a petition for the government to force food companies to note that they are using GMO ingredients. Very helpful in knowing what to avoid when you shop. With that transparency and increased consumer awareness, they might just be forced to stop their cost cutting (aka. potentially killing) solutions and let's get back to the real meaning of "natural."
Tell Congress to oppose preemption of state GE (genetically engineered) labeling laws

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