Monday, November 18, 2013

inspiration...just share your story

I think a key element of the human existence is the idea of storytelling. It is so powerful to read about what others have experienced, what they think and how they moved through life, overcame obstacles and matured as a person. That is what makes blogs so powerful, why books/art/poetry will never go away.

So here is another delightful place on the web for story sharing, The Great Discontent. My friend just shared with me the interview of Elle Luna. I pulled a quote that really grabbed me, there were so many, but I thought I would share one with you and encourage you to jump over to the site to read her entire story (here).  Elle is talented designer and creative director, as well as brave and deeply curious artist. She believes that we all have a creative gift to give the world and that if we just switched our brains to let that goal of self discovery drive us, it can change our world. 

I love the idea that everyone has a gift to give. And I believe that the whole world is
waiting for us to give that gift to them. What if we could empower everyone to
operate out of that place, instead of out of job titles or money or security, even?
Imagine a world where everyone gives their truest, most authentic gifts.

She inspired me, hope she inspires you too!

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