Tuesday, October 15, 2013

inspiration...sebastian herkner

"Bell Table" by Sebastian Herkner for Classicon, photo © Elias Hassos via stylepark.com

"Bell Lights" by Sebastian Herkner

"Clip Chair" by Sebastian Herkner for De Vorm via dailytonic.com

"Transit Shelves" by Sebastian Herkner for SZ Magazin / Suddeutsche Zeitung.

This past year I took a class for product design and became all the more fascinated with the world of industrial design. And like any industry, there are the superstars that just seem to make it happen (how do they do it??). I admire them, because like any creative field, you need those creatives to push the boundaries, make us see new shapes and inspire a new definition of the objects in our everyday lives. They push the product world forward with a beautiful mix art and function.

I came across the work of Sebastian Herkner, a young German designer, and fell in love with the way he mixed materials, colors and cultural references. My favorite piece is the "Bell Table", a take on the classic glass top table but flipped. He worked closely with a glass-blowing company based in the Black Forest that had 13 generations of experience to create the elegant table base. The way the table casts colored light and shadow is so beautiful. The pendent lights are a nice connection to the table design and the chair and shelving system resonate with my current infatuation with campaign furniture, but contemporary and very now. He is on my must watch list of interesting designers.

Visit his site to see more of his work here: sebastianherkner.com

Other interesting interviews with Sebastian:

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