Wednesday, September 11, 2013

inspiration...coming soon

This past year, knowingly and part unknowingly, I experienced a sabbatical. I have come to call it my "gap year." Uber designer, Stefan Sagmeister does it every seventh year—so I am right on trend! Watch his TED video here. But honestly, I feel like most people would hyperventilate at such a freedom, but secretly I was excited. Secretly, that is. Not having your name on a business card can sometimes make you feel insecure, pursuing your dreams can definitely make you insecure! This time has helped me spark some serious creativity that I have not experienced in some time. I wish everyone could have a year to refuel and dream big. I have gained clarity on what I want to pursue next, now I just need to blaze that trail! Pursuing my passion for design, spaces, and product, that are both beautiful and functional, are my goals. These are all ideas I have explored here on Domesticated Desk. Even after a summer break from blogging, I still need more focused time for these Dd projects. I might post every now and then, but just know, something is coming and it is coming soon.

Enjoy today.


  1. Hi Rachel! I knowingly and intentionally took a sabbatical this year, too. I've been utterly blessed and privileged to have been able to do it. It quite literally is changing the course of my life and career. I'm excited to see where yours leads, too!

    I found your blog through your comment on Anne Bogel's STORY post. It looks pretty familiar, though. Did you do Alt for Everyone? I feel like I remember your blog's name from there. I'm sad we didn't run into each other at STORY!t

  2. Hi Lisa! YES, I did attend ALT for everyone! What a small world! Thanks for leaving a comment and saying hello. I would LOVE to chat through email about what you learned on your year off and what your plans are now. I hope to be back to blogging very soon and have some plans I can share with you. So bummed we didn't meet last week in person, but hey, we are meeting now!

  3. That is so crazy! Yes, definitely feel free to email me at lisa.alane.yoder at gmail. I'd love to chat about the year off and what plans you've got in the works!