Thursday, June 13, 2013

inspiration...write it down

Share with me a book that has changed your life. How were you changed?
Leave a comment or contemplate it tonight while you journal.

my journal entry:
A month ago my best friend sent me a text with a photo of a book, One Thousand Gifts, she just received from her husband and asked if I wanted to read it with her. Since she has never made a request like this before, I knew that this book had to be special. So I put my request in at the library and waited. In the mean time, I found myself dealing with an revolving door of emotions. One in. One out. What was going on?! My life is stable but my feelings were not. A repeated statement from my other half has been "I just want you to be happy!" Happy? I'm happy. Why would you think I am not happy? As I pondered what it means to be happy, the barber neighbor passed me on the sidewalk saying, "Hey, you should smile, are you mad?" What? Mad? No, what makes you say that? Do I really give off this air of negativity that even a stranger takes note?? Where is the disconnect? What is really going on? My book arrived. Pick up at library. Done. Began to read. Wowah. This writer is expressing the very thing I am dealing with, but have been too afraid to acknowledge. How do you find joy in the everyday moments in life? She began her journey by filling a simple journal of small   
observances that she found beautiful, one thousand of them. Morning light. Curl of child's hair. Rainbow bubbles. Noting small joys and giving thanks to God for those small joys. As she weaves her story, her thoughts, her beliefs, she creates a rich tapestry that slowly changes my heart. Opens my eyes. Makes me cry. Makes me feel what she feels. Forces me to search corners of my mind that sometimes I avoid, afraid to face. But why would I not want to live fully? If I say I have a belief in God, trust Him, love Him but my very everyday small actions do not reflect that, does that make me a liar? Slowly, a change of an ungrateful heart, full of "me me" exceptions to one of deep gratitude and an open hand with no expectation but to love and praise. Wow. A book based on a Book that changes my very heart. I am running to the train station before a large thunderstorm lets loose it's enthusiasm on my city. Too early for dark sky. Street lights flicker on. I race past the barber window. Big smile, I wave to that barber neighbor. Does he see my joy now? Yep. Thank you.

Enjoy today, thankfully.


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  1. Rachel, this is a lovely and honest post. I am sure there are many of us who get lost in the 'revolving door' too. It is the small things and a change of perspective that do help. Thanks for reminding us all of that. I might have to check that out at my local library too!!!!