Wednesday, June 12, 2013

inspiration...what's in your desk drawer with Alaina of To Be Shelved

I am so excited to share with you Alaina's desk drawer, otherwise known as her nightstand. She exclaimed that her "unconventional desk is a bibliophiles burden to be attached to a nightstand." So true!  To Be Shelved is a beautiful blog where Alaina shares her love for books, design, and typography and all the wonderful ways they combine to create beauty, inspiration and tell a story. Her blog has been on my favorites list for a couple years now, so for her to share on Dd today is a big deal to me!! I must say, I loved seeing all the books she is currently reading. Especially Cosmic Dispatches, since I have a secret love for outer space!

Thank you, Alaina!

Enjoy today.

ToBeShelved and design aren't (currently) my day job so when I work from home I'm usually working with a lapdesk on my bed, making my nightstand my "desk".

This is what can almost always be found there:

1. Stabilo pens for sketching, mixed in with unsharpened pencils I'll never use and an assortment of colorful fine point sharpies.

2. A vintage owl figurine from a college friend. A good reminder that I'd hate to disappoint the people who have supported me.

3. A very, very broken Brownie camera. Reminds me to shoot my own content. It is always worth it.

4. My phone, of course. But covered in a Tad Carpenter case, one of my inspirations.

5. An assorted stack of books and notebooks. Currently: Cosmic Dispatches, The Signal and the Noise, my reporting Moleskin from college, Creative Inc. and Detroit

6. My address book. Sending snail mail is just as fulfilling as receiving. Also a good reminder to get off the internet.

You can follow Alaina here:

She also runs a daily haiku blog at, and every Thursday she illustrates her Haiku for HelloGiggles.

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