Thursday, June 6, 2013

inspiration...what's in your desk drawer: J for Jamie

Let me introduce you to Jamie and her pretty desk! Jamie is a graphic designer in the Bay Area living life to the fullest and sharing her inspirations of California life (a bit jealous, let me just say!) on her blog J for Jamie. I enjoy reading about her interests and can't wait to see images from her upcoming wedding. I am sure she has some very pretty projects up her sleeve!

Thank you, Jamie, for sharing!

Enjoy today.

On my desk:

1. Fresh flowers always inspire me while I'm working. I like to have them on my desk to add color and freshness. Lately, I've been picking up peonies at the store as many times as I can before they go out of season. I wish they were in bloom year round!

2. Washi tapes galore. I use Washi tape on everything. I love using them to add a special touch to hand written cards and gifts. My Maido is my favorite store to buy all my Washi tapes.

3. A jar full of pens, fabric scissors and markers. I picked up my vintage gauze jar at the Alameda Antique Fair. It's perfect because it has a wide opening and I can throw all my tools in there and it still looks organized.

4. My wedding is in 3 months (yipes!) so my fiancé and I have been planning the big day like crazy. We're doing a lot of DIY wedding projects and there are a ton of wedding books that are a great inspiration. My two favorite are The Flower Recipe Book and Handmade Weddings. They've definitely made a permanent spot on my desk these days.

5. I'm a write-everything-down type of girl. I always have notebooks on hand when I need to jot down an idea or make a to-do list. Right now, I have a notebook dedicated just to the wedding I got from Rifle Paper Co. The cover is conveniently in the same color palette as the wedding - it's perfect for my wedding notes!

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