Tuesday, June 11, 2013

inspiration...the art of the book shelf

Living with books is a great luxury but can also be tedious. I am practical when it comes to shelving my books. I have the typical Ikea 4x4 in white, like so many others around the world, and each cubby is organized by topic with a little bit of staging. I also have stacks around our apartment styled with objects, but that is mostly because the bookshelf is overflowing!

I do think bookshelves can be so much more, and it is no wonder that product designers flex their creativity when it comes to this classic office piece. Alex Johnson published a book, Bookshelf, to feature all the unique ways a book can be displayed or stored. From simple elastic bands and pegs of the Stretch shelf by Pete Oyler, to a whimsical book tree by Shawn Soh, magical levitating books by Miron Lior, to my favorite, 'Ready Made' by Next Architects—little cubbies house 100 classics behind monochromatic levered doors.

Why shouldn't books have a little fun?

Enjoy today.

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  1. These are all such creative shelving solutions! My fave is the 'Ready Made' piece too!

    Right now ours are on an old West Elm piece as well as in boxes in storage! It might be time to bring the cuteness factor up a notch at Chez bp!