Tuesday, June 25, 2013

inspiration...snail mail it up!

I just received this lovely little package in the mail and had to share it's cuteness—two cups of tea and lots of handmade awesomeness from my friend, evenifnobodyreadsthis.com! Thanks, BP!! I can't wait until we can actually have tea together. I look forward to using these adorable owl bookplates and hang tags.

Keep an eye out for a package coming to a P.O. Box near you!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Rachel! You're welcome! Really pleased you like it! The pic is very cute! I think the whole point of Happy Mail is to spread cheer & put a smile on the faces of both the sender & receiver! ;) It was so fun to put it together, & I really love that you'll be able to play with the little handmade goodies! Pls do enjoy a nice cup or two of tea, and I, too, look forward to doing so together one day!

    Can't wait to find a note in my P.O. Box! ;)