Tuesday, June 18, 2013

inspiration...privacy please

There are lots of privacy questions to think about when you are in a public workspace. Your concerns could involve intellectual property, confidentiality, identify theft safety, internet privacy, as well as your basic individual employee privacy. We probably have all been there, sitting at the desk trying so hard not to hear the conversation your co-worker is having with their spouse, client, or boss. My go-to was my noise canceling Bose headphones, worth every penny! The office I was in allowed music to be blasting from three different sources playing three different styles of music, had constant pages over the intercom, along with the occasional dog bark and group critiques at walls that surrounded me. It made for a fun atmosphere at times, but difficult to stay on task and actually get work done. This need to muffle all the sounds that distract us in a busy fast paced world is the challenge many designers are addressing. I love the distinct look, shapes, colors, materials, and functionality of these pieces.

I hope to see them in context soon!

1. Buzzihood by Buzzispace. This was one of my favorite discoveries at Neocon. Their showroom was beautiful, featuring all their clean line design product. They work with PET fibers and design a variety of pieces that address acoustical concerns. They also had a nice, soft color palette that I think will add playful pops of color to any office space.

2. Vitra Sphere Table by Hella Jongerius. First developed as part of the redesign of the North Delegates Lounge at the seat of the United Nations in New York is now available for all, being produced by Vitra and released for sale in 2013.

3. Workbay Task Chair by the Bouroullec Brothers. This chair is designed with an eye-catching hoodie to block out surrounding sound. Maybe this chair instead of headphone?? I also think the dramatic effect of the "turn around" would give you a feeling of power!!

4. Windowseat Lounge by Mike & Maaike for Haworth. I didn't have the guts to chat with the designers while I checked out their pieces in the Haworth showroom, but maybe I should have gotten over myself! They have an impressive portfolio. They even designed one of my favorite bookshelves, the Juxtaposed series and their firm was just purchased by Google.

5. Rewrite Desk by GamFratesi came out in 2011 and I have always liked the shape and material choices. It feels like a welcoming and peaceful place to work. I can see rows of them in a light filled library!

Enjoy today.

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  1. Wow! These are so good! Miniature alcoves! Once again, you find the most stylish things!!!