Friday, June 21, 2013 kind of work

I created this blog because I love taking a peek into the creative space of talented people and unique companies. It excites me to see companies start to take into consideration the company culture they want to foster and design an environment that supports those goals. Interiors can be emotional. I believe they really can influence our creativity if done well. Have you ever walked into a space and felt inspired, happy, and relaxed, or perhaps uncomfortable and nervous? For me, it has to do with color, layout and the amount of natural light filling the space that makes me respond positively or negatively.

Here are some of my favorite spaces inside the heart of some of my favorite brands that I think took color, space and light into consideration and were successful in creating a comfortable space.

Thank you for sharing the week with me, I enjoyed sharing my thoughts on a new
kind of work. Here is a summary of the week:

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Enjoy today.


  1. Seeing really well designed offices make me buy even more into the brand (respect and like what they do) and their culture as a company. Great feature! I would never have seen these office spaces otherwise so thanks for this! I particularly adore the Etsy space!

  2. I love the esty office space. It feels so inviting and magical when each door holds the promise of a new adventure!