Tuesday, June 11, 2013

inspiration..fake it to make it

So you want to live like a 18th century Lord of "some-fancy-home-in-the-English-countryside" but just haven't won the lottery yet? You can now FAKE that historic library with very real looking bookshelf wall paper! Okay, so you probably won't fool anyone past a few seconds, but it really is a fun way to decorate a space. I love that wall paper is back in fashion and designers are creating unusual things to amplify a simple wall. The bottom image is not wall paper at all, but the real thing! Bookbinder, Amanda Love of Loveleaf Press in Bucktown, Chicago makes handmade books, and her workspace is just dreamy with that amazing wall of stacked books.

images: mineheartstore.com / wowwallpaperhanging.com.au / chicagohomemag.com
more great images here: houzz.com

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