Wednesday, May 29, 2013

inspiration...write it down

Share with me your best collaboration moment. What was the result?
Leave a comment or contemplate it tonight while you journal!

my journal entry:
One of the best collaborations that I can remember occured while planning our wedding. I really pushed aside the insanity to embrace the opportunity of working with the best people we could and to create relationships. Our florist became, by far, our favorite collaboration. We realized at the end of our first meeting that instead of us interviewing him, he was interviewing us! No cray cray brides for him, he would just refuse the job! But by the end of the meeting we clicked and I think our magic words were "you are the professional, we defer to you!" Why hire someone for their talents and then run the project amuck thinking your ideas are the end-all-be-all? We respected him, he respected us and the results were perfect floral arrangements all within our vision. He was even there for a hug before I walked outside and down the aisle. Our friendship with him is one of the favorite moments of our wedding planning experience.

life lesson:
The key to a successful collaboration is to leave your ego at the door. If not, people will go running for the door.

our florist:
our photographer:

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