Thursday, May 23, 2013

inspiration...write it down

This week is about nature, going out into the wild and taking note of what catches your eye, what you hear or what you smell. Often, it is the little moments that can spark an idea, big or small. I live in a city, so I enjoy watching the slow growth of the plants in our park, the scented branches that now shade the walk ways and the graceful (and sometimes violent) movement of the trees as they sway in that "Chicago wind." The "wild" can be found anywhere really, you just have to have eyes to see it. 

For me, one of the most vivid memories of being inspired by nature happened while on a high school trip to Europe. I was blessed to be able to go, but felt like the only student there that was more excited about the art I was going to see than about being able to drink beer legally! While in Paris, I found myself in a park, the tall canopy of trees shaded me from the sun as I walked on crushed stone pathways. I suddenly felt this urge, ache almost, to create something at that exact moment. That feeling rushed through my blood and took me by surprise. Later I would learn that the Luxembourg Gardens have inspired many artists in Paris through out history. I admit it creeped me out that I felt this shared magical feeling. What was it about that park that made people feel like they were true artists? That night we boarded a train for Rome and when we woke the next morning, the landscape of rugged northern Italy was outside my window. I have never seen such gorgeous landscape and it inspired me to write more poems. Looking back, my poetry was very juvenile, but who cares, they captured those feelings and they are lovely memories.

Share with me your own thoughts on how you are inspired by nature, or maybe it will just be your personal journal entry topic for tonight, either way, think about it!

Enjoy today.


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