Wednesday, May 22, 2013

inspiration...what's in your desk drawer?

I met Sarah of Grey Gone Green just last week at the ALT For Everyone chat room. I am so happy you said hello! 

What I love about Sarah's blog is that not only is her content concise and focused, but the entire design is so calming and sophisticated. With a focus on green living, she started the blog based on a wtf moment she had after becoming pregnant. She realized that there are so many things just in our homes that can harm a baby and she needed to make the best decisions she could as a mom. Since living in Vermont, I too have learned so much more about the need to think twice about what I purchase and the effects it can have on me and my family. It is amazing how a strong eco community can influence daily life! I am happy to see Sarah creating an online community to encourage others to become aware of great brands that are trying to create better product not only for our families but for the earth. I think it worked out perfectly that this week's theme is Into the Wild!

Let's take a peek at what is in Sarah's desk drawer:

1. Lots of Japanese pens in many different colors. I am very meticulous when it comes to my handwriting. It's really weird but I've had multiple people stop mid-discussion in a meeting to comment on my penmanship. For some reason, Japanese pens just write better and they come in a beautiful array of colors. I love sending a hand-written note in taupe or grey ink. I don't think I own a black or blue pen.
2. Black marker. Everyone needs one black marker.
2. Elements of Style. I've just started my blog and my writing is a bit rusty. It's been over 10 years since I took any sort of writing class so I have to refer to this book often. I usually only read books on my iPad or Kindle, but I had to buy the paperback version of Elements of Style because of the amazing illustrations. It makes reading about punctuation much more enjoyable.
3. Graphic Image monogrammed notebook. I have the worst memory in the world and would forget to tie my shoes if I didn't write it down. I've tried taking notes and keeping to do lists on my iPhone, but I never look at them which completely defeats the purpose.
4. Chrome Swingline stapler. It's such a classic… I love it!
5. Stainless Steel Scissors. I hate having a lot of things on top of my desk (no pen cups). These scissors are perfect because they're flat and don't take up a lot of room in my drawer.
6. Lip balm. I have it in every corner of my house.
7. Classic little pencil sharpener. I also like to draw and keep it simple with a regular old wood pencil. I've tried charcoal, ink, etc., but I'm sticking with my pencils.
instagram: @greygonegreen

Thank you so much for sharing, Sarah! 

Enjoy today.

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