Monday, May 20, 2013

inspiration...the natural home

images in book by Debi Treloar

The Natural Home by Hans Blomquist with photography by Debi Treloar is a stunning book exploring what it could look like to bring outdoor elements inside through a strong aesthetic of raw, natural fibers, dried flowers, lush walls of living plants, and found antiques, all styled in untouched vintage architecture.

I love bringing in elements of the outdoors inside as well and I tend to keep them out on table tops to enjoy on a daily basis. We found this bird's nest in the spring, a remnant of the previous summer. The cut wood is from a tree that needed to be trimmed down. My husband got way too much enjoyment out of using a chainsaw! The feather was a going away gift from my friend, S.S. Little Little. It always makes me think of her and I wonder if she is enjoying fresh eggs this spring! But now that we live in a city, it might be harder to find these special elements of nature. So I am pondering the survival of this idea:

I just love this living wall of air plants, a display at West Elm. Could I replicate this and keep these beauties alive? ha!

I think there is a calmness that comes from soft shades of green, tinged creams and chocolate browns. I think that plants don't just purify the air for your lungs, they let your mind breath a little too. Treehugger wrote this post on the positive effects of plants and productivity in your work space. Guess what, productivity increases!

So grab a potted plant, paint your walls, open those shades and bring in some natural elements into your space and enjoy the fresh air.

1. Glass and natural wood terrarium by West Elm
2. Handmade cream linen journal, very sophisticated item by Phiffer Books on Etsy
3. gold dipped twig pencils by InkKit on Etsy
4. Air Plants Supply Co.
5. vintage botanical chart by One Fairfax Road on Etsy
6. Mizzle 266 paint by Farrow & Ball


  1. Hello from Alt!

    Your photos are BEYOND gorgeous....teach me your ways :)

  2. Hi Christina!

    Alt was great, right!?
    My photos are kind of simple, I just use my iPhone! I do know Photoshop and use it to adjust the saturation "lighting" and do some minor editing of imperfections, like dog hair or a dirt spot. I do like my marble dining table, it is in front of a large window, so the natural lighting helps too. But that is about it! Thank you for visiting the blog!