Monday, May 27, 2013 with flowers

Mary Cassatt: On the Balcony 1878/79

Summer is here and Memorial Day is upon us!

I love spring because it is all about the beautiful transformation of what appears to be barren into beautiful bounty. The flower is the reward for all of nature's pruning, raking, and watering. I think the flower is also at the heart of creative expression. God's little daily blessings. They ignite a spark in our very being, commanding us to stop and take in their awesomeness.

FGR, by Jaclyn Adams for Plaza Kvinna

I have always loved the term "stop and smell the roses." This command, (or is it a warning, or maybe the answer to some life secret), makes me think that this command to slow down is somehow really important to our health. That enjoying those little moments that life gives you are almost more important than what currently vies for the attention.

gorgeous watercolors by leanne shapton

So since artists are so inspired to create works of art featuring the flower, have they somehow grasped the "secret" and are now sharing it with us? Capturing the flower, forever sealed on canvas, giving us another reason to stop and enjoy? Or are they riding on flower's coat tail of popularity? Cause really, who doesn't love a flower?

The flower is also a part of almost every important moment in human life starting with birth (birthdays, prom, graduation, first job, first date, wedding, anniversary, get well) and ending in funeral. So flowers are a symbol of life and all the beauty of life. So maybe that is why the flower is such an important icon for artists, as well as fashion designers and interior designers, who help inspire lifestyle.

Regardless of the reasons and my pondering, this week is about living with flowers in all it's varied ways.

Enjoy today.

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