Friday, May 24, 2013

inspiration...Into the Wild

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A movie about a man, his books, his journal, and his ideals. 

I started thinking about the power and lure of nature just this past weekend after watching Into the Wild for the first time. A bit late in the game, I know, this movie came out in 2007. It is a true story of a young man running away to escape his identity in order to create a new one, on his own terms. He struggled with American society and it's various injustices and lived inside books and dreamed of idealistic freedom—a life of solitude in the depths of Alaska. I tear up through out the entire film. His travels take him to amazing locations where he meets people who care about him, giving him a new family structure, but he still clings to his goal, no matter how they beg him to stay. I get it, sometimes you just have to see for yourself. And he does, no matter how much you scream at the screen for him to stop. His conclusion (spoiler alert) is that, "happiness is only real when shared." A beautiful truth learned too late. His body was found weeks after he passed away from eating a poisonous berry. All he left behind were his books, his journal, and some photos of his life on a roll of film. Sometimes nature is not very friendly. Sometimes running away only brings you back to where you started, roughed up and wiser. I wish he could have survived to write that book that you feel in your gut was his goal all along. He wanted to live a life worth writing about.

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  1. My husband loves that movie too! Haven't seen it, but will have to check it out!