Tuesday, May 21, 2013

inspiration...into the wild

This week I am exploring the theme, Into the Wild. With summer about to kick off this weekend, I can feel people itching to escape to the peacefulness of nature. My destination this summer is hopefully (here).

I grew up in the midwest, falling in love with cornfields, my family then moved south where the landscape was peppered with gorgeously haunted broken down tobacco barns and flat fields of snow white cotton balls. My husband and I moved north to the boarder near Canada and fell in love with the beauty of rolling green hills, cows, and a gorgeous lake with epic mountain views. When Garden&Gun was first published a few years back, I began to fall in love with the south again and desired to be in a town like Charleston. I would say to my hubby, "let's move to Charrrleeston" with an drawn out fake southern accent. Well maybe one day, it is on our list of dreams!

So maybe this summer will include relaxing outside with a good magazine and then a walk down some nature trails to bird watch. Wanna join me?

2. Snow Peak folding table (I "heart" anything by this brand!)
4. round jute rug by Serena and Lily (why not style your outdoor space?)
6. Garden and Gun subscription (great information of artists, brands, hotels and food of the south)

I didn't know that bird watching "is the fastest growing wildlife-related activity in the U.S., and even conservative estimates put the current number of U.S. birders at 50 million" (found here). So what are some quick ways to jump on this trend and enjoy the outdoors while also learning a bit about our cute feathered friends?

Here is a list to go off:

1. Get a guide book.
2. Get some binoculars. Some of those guys can be tiny up in those branches.
3. Start a journal. This is great for keeping track of all the information you gather.
4. Join a club. Clubs let you meet others with shared interests and they can teach you a thing or two!
5. Bring the birds to you. Seeds, certain plants and/or bird homes can attract birds so you can watch them in action from your window or back yard.
6. Help them out! Look into supporting the National Audubon Society
7. Grab a book. I pulled some books off the Good Reads shelf I thought looked good:

   Look Up!: Bird-Watching in Your Own Backyard by Annette LeBlanc Cate
   Club George: The Diary of a Central Park Bird-Watcher by Bob Levy
8. Listen with both ears. Learn to identify what feathered friends are in the area by their call
9. Make it an event. Research new areas to explore and then take a day trip to visit the new area.
10. Have a blast. Nature is so awesome, and I think that the slow and patient nature of this activity will be a great way to unwind after a crazy week. Maybe lower the 'ol blood pressure?!

Since I am new at this, my list came from here: usparks.about.com

Let me know if you do go out and explore the bird world!

Enjoy today.

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