Thursday, May 30, 2013

inspiration...florals and photos with Kari Herer

I am so excited to share some thoughts and inspirations from the photographer and artist, Kari Herer. I first came across her work a couple years ago and just fell in love with the beautiful way she mixes flowers, sketches and photography. She captures nature in such a special way, with gentleness, richness, and sweetness. Thank you for sharing, Kari!

Enjoy today. 


Kari, tell me a bit about your background, were you drawing and creating at a young age?
When did you pick up a camera?

My mom was an artist/gardener and my father a science teacher. Growing up we always had unusual animals and plants surrounding us in our suburban home. One of my fondest childhood memories was waiting for a monarch’s chrysalis to turn clear and hatch under our kitchen table. We always had fresh flowers on the table for the butterflies.

In high school my mom gave me a camera and I was able to gain access to a photo lab. Years later after getting my BFA in ceramics, I picked up a camera again. It’s always felt natural to capture animals and flowers into my pictures.

Flowers are a big part of your art pieces, how did you decide on what types of flowers to work with?

I love big blooms that change with time. Peony, Magnolia, Gardena, and garden roses are some of my favorites. Others include; fern, dusty miller, and eucalyptus.

Do you create your sketches by going out and observing nature? Is there a favorite spot in either Wisconsin or Maine where you like explore to find inspiration?

Yes, I do. In Maine I find inspiration in the tide and changing seasons. In Wisconsin I have been drawn to my parents’ house and local gardens.

I find your work to be so beautiful and peaceful, as well as universal. How do you push yourself to keep creating new pieces?

Thank you. I’m not sure what drives me to create new pieces. I always want to push myself to do or see something that I haven’t before. I love discovery.

What do you use to create your sketches?

I’m not very specific. It’s usually anything that I have on hand.

photography portfolio:

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  1. I LOVE the flowers with the antlers. Kari's work is beautiful!