Wednesday, May 29, 2013 floral collaboration

Milan Fall 2012 Jil Sander by Raf Simons

Photo of Mark Colle by Daniƫlle van Ark

Paris Autumn 2012 Christian Dior by Raf Simons 

I love working in a creative field because it usually means that I have the opportunity and privilege to work with some really creative and talented people. I think collaborations are the best way to work, breaking out of your own mind for a moment to contribute to a project that in the end is always better and more fulfilling than what I could have done on my own. I am sure not all people feel this way, but I sure do. That is why this story of friendship and collaboration between florist and fashion designer really intrigued me. Raf Simons is a huge name in fashion, leading brands such as Jil Sander and now Christian Dior, while Mark Colle, a florist from Antwerp, is his flower runway guru. Together they have created some really pivotal moments in runway history. The Jill Sander runway show for Fall 2012 featured these gorgeous Plexiglass boxes filled with romantic arrangements, off setting the minimally romantic apparel. Then Simons moved on to Dior taking Colle with him to create a stunning room of flowers with walls covered in a million blooms for the Dior Autumn 2012 show in Paris.

"Out of all the fashion designers I know, not one of
them doesn't like flowers. Raf is actually the first one
who brought back flowers." 

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