Tuesday, March 12, 2013

inspiration...more circle, less square

I love being in Chicago. Over six months in and I feel like I am just getting the feel for what this city is about. I find it fascinating that there is repeated mention of the Great Fire of 1871, an event that took place over 141 years ago. It was such a pivotal moment for the survival of the city. The disaster brought about about new industry, bigger ideas, the not-backing-down attitude, rebuilding from the ground up, and a desire to beat the odds! These characteristics still ring true today (especially with me personally.) So many industries have started in this city and it is exciting to see that it is still at the cutting edge today. The word "entrepreneurial" is the motto and right now it is focused on architecture, product innovation and the digital business opportunities. I visited an interesting space, 1871, a digital start up shared work space, it's name inspired by the very attitude of those who survived the 1871 fire. This new kind of workspace is about collaboration and sharing, less about being at a desk alone. This also reflects how larger firms in the city are structuring their work experiance. The employee desk is disappearing, it is more circle, less cube. (This shift makes me all the more an advocate for the personal home office space. We need a place to go to create, reflect and become refreshed.)

An amazing product design firm in town, MNML, created this gorgeous conference table and chair set up for Steelcase. The chairs tip back for more of a casual seated position, the table has plugs for laptops as well as slide panel that can be pulled into your lap for a more comfortable writing or typing experience. I find the design elegant, functional and inviting. I would love to be brainstorming and connecting in that type of work environment! You can visit their site for more information on the project here. (I guess the one thing I did notice while looking at their website was the fact that have an entirely male design team. WHERE ARE THE WOMEN??)

image and information via: www.mnml.com

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