Monday, March 4, 2013

inspiration...letter opener

I am having a blast designing a letter opener for a Product Design class I am currently taking. Why the heck a letter opener you might ask (well, someone actually did in class!) and I guess I thought it was the perfect item to intro into the world of product design. The design needs to function, meet a good price point and has the potential to make you smile, and of course it promotes the beautiful experience of getting a letter in the mail, my favorite thing! I was kind of surprised to find out just how many of them lend themselves to looking like weapons! "Take that! That is my letter, back off!" But in all seriousness, I found some great examples, this one being one of them. Again, kind of aggressive but I loved the story and process for how it was made. The "blade" is actually made of paper! It is 100% post consumer recycled paper and a clear, 100% water-based resin made using cashew nut shells. Created by PLANT design studio in Brooklyn.

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