Thursday, February 28, 2013


My TOMS have seen some serious pavement. They have walked the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Brooklyn to Burlington, North Carolina and Chicago. I am a huge fan of TOMS because their shoes don't hurt my feet like 99.9% of footwear usually does, as well as their incredible mission statement and humble beginnings. After transitioning out of my full time job, I received a free book with my TOMS order. It kind of unnerved me how perfect the timing was. I am at the beginning brainstorming stage of a business idea. I loved reading how simple the TOMS idea was at the time, yet so foreign to current business models. But this simple idea has now given new paths for what business could be. Business is such a powerful tool, for good or for bad. It is hard to get around the idea of "your just putting more crap into the world, who cares?!" but while that might be true, those little kids getting new shoes for no other reason then someone bought them a pair along with their own is special. I hope this idea never becomes cliché. I can see how people could one day roll their eyes and say "not another do-gooder brand!" Shouldn't they all be do-gooders?

I entered to win a chance to participate in handing out shoes to the children, so vote for me if you feel inclined. I thought it might be a great way to get out into the world and see first hand how business can impact lives through a grace based formula.

Also, here are other organizations that rock:


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