Wednesday, January 9, 2013

inspiration...with reading comes wisdom

(haha, inside joke)

I came across this wonderful little book during after holiday sale shopping. Children's books are my favorite, for their honesty, simplicity and of course gorgeous art work. This one is pretty straight forward with stick people for illustrations! But what caught my eye was the inside page written by the children of the author:
From the desktops of Andy and Gil Leaf
"One of the most important lessons our father taught us is the value of reading. The exhilaration of turning a page and having words leap out, begging to be uttered and embraced, is a profound experience that is permanently etched in the mind. A book expands horizons, and from reading comes wisdom. This was his message to every child. A springboard for the imagination, a book can be education and fun."

So true and so beautifully said.

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