Tuesday, January 8, 2013

inspiration...what's inside your desk drawer?

I am fascinated by what gets people feeling creative, what tools they use to express what is in their head and heart! So I asked my very creative and artistically talented friend, Chris Varricchione, to share with me the contents of his desk drawer. I remember the day he chatted with my husband and I about the idea of going out on his own, into the unknown world of freelance! He wanted to focus more on what he loves to do, which is illustration. Years later, he has a successful career and is working out of his home office in Somerville, MA.

Here is what he has to say about what is inside his desk drawer:

1. Blick Pro Artists Tape: Moderately sticky art tape that I use for just about everything.
2. Windsor & Newton Series 7 Sable #2 Brush: My main tool for illustrating. Completely indispensable.
3. LaCie 8GB USB Key Drive: Perfect for moving files around when I don't have access to Dropbox.
4. Sakura Micron archival ink pens / various sizes: Perfect for fine tuning my less than perfect brush work.
5. Speedball Super Black india ink : I've tried a lot of different india inks. This is my favorite.
6. Papermate Pink Pearl eraser : Sometimes simple is just better.
7. Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils : Germans are brilliant engineers. They also make fine pencils. I don't use anything else.
8. Moleskine Sketchpad : Integral part of my process. Ideas are born here and later refined for finished pieces. Pricey, but takes anything you throw at it. Pencil, ink, pen, gouache.

 Thanks, Chris!

all images by Chris Varricchione
email: chris@cvillustration.com
website (in the works): www.brokenarrowcreative.com
Follow him in action daily on instagram: @mrverks

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