Thursday, January 31, 2013

inspiration...what's in your desk drawer?

Today I am featuring the desktop of my lovely friend, Whitney. We met years ago while working on the same brand, she was marketing and I was product. We had so many creative moments together, and of course, always had fun! Since then, she has moved out west to live near the beautiful California coast with her husband and dog, where she surfs, explores nature, and has launched her own business, Side Of The Road Sessions. Since she is a writer and lover of pens and such an inspiration to me, I asked her to share her thoughts on her office space and what tools she uses to create. I love her honesty and voice, so enjoy! (I also pulled similar product that she refers to.)

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My current desk is not complete, nor is it the most creative space that I’ve ever sat during the day - yet what I love about it is that it pushes me to be creative, to think big despite the finishing touches of this workspace, being far from present. I say far from present because we recently moved and other rooms of the house received the priority over the office. However, being a freelance storyteller who works from home, I’ve had to shun the ego that has in the past dictated the desire for a room, place, or space look a certain way in order to summon my creativity. 

I’m someone who thrives on clean design and simple spaces. I was that girl in college who actually cleaned her dorm room before sitting down to write a paper. I was the employee at the daycare who actually took the time each day to sanitize the toys and wipe down not only the tops of the tables, but the legs as well.

Regardless of the state of the office, my desk is something that I can control, and a typical requirement of my desk is that it must be free of clutter. What’s actually placed on the desk must be organized and if I cannot take the time to organize it due to needing to focus on a different client or due to another need, I often simply place whatever it is behind me, on my husband’s desk. And yes, you can read into that - that he’s not as anally picky as me.

My actual desk was my father’s writing table. The amount of yellow legal pads, pens and pencils that this desk has had strewn all over it, when it belonged to my father, is too great to even attempt to count. Drafts and drafts of his poems, books, letters and random thoughts draped this desk, like a duvet cover over a bed frame.

Since his passing in 2003, this desk has been a number of things, but its role as my desk is most preferred. My computer is a Mac Book Air that goes with me everywhere, although I’m am finally starting to think about a tablet of some sort, since I travel for work, quite a bit. The screen is nothing special and while I could pull off the double screen thing, I never go for that option. The Mac keyboard is helpful when working at home, although I can’t stand how dirty the keys get, regardless of how clean my hands are when working. The wireless mouse - is a wise, wise invention.

Often you can find at least two drinks at my desk, and three if it’s morning. I always have water - right now my glass of choice is a mason jar. The mug is either filled with coffee or tea, just depends on the mood of the day, and in the morning you’ll often find a pint glass of smoothie in the mix. Coffee will last me all day, as I tend to sip it ...bizarre I know. And if I choose tea, I’ll make several cups throughout the day.

Pens, pens, pens. Pens (and notebooks) to me are like words to Shakespeare, I love them. And I may just be one of the only 35 year olds who still carries a pen bag with her, when I travel. Therefore the orange bag on my desk is my traveling pen bag that I have open and ready at all times throughout the day; whereas the mug o’ pens maintains its spot next to the IKEA lamp. If I’m not traveling with my orange pen bag, I’m traveling with another pen bag, that I also use as my purse, from Alabama Chanin. I use my pens to take my notes during each session that I may have with a client. I call “meetings” sessions - because the word meeting is so dry and boring; whereas “sessions” sounds more engaging and creative, at least to me. My notebook of choice lately has been the Action Book by Behance. I use this book to keep my days and client tasks straight and organized.

The wall art rotates and quite often I leave most of the wall blank, however the two pieces that remain a constant is the black + white photo of my father sitting on his tractor and a note from a friend reminding me to “never stop learning”. Underneath the desk, you’ll find may father’s The Oxford English Dictionary: Compact Edition, which comes complete with a magnifying glass because, yes, the words are that small.

1. Mason Ball jar (for staying hydrated)
2. Behance Action Book (for staying organized)
2. Uni-Ball Vision Elite (give me more of them!)
4. Alabama Chanin (pencil case and purse)
5. Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse (more mobility)
6. MacBook Air (for in the office or on the go)

Thank you, Whitney for sharing your space!

You can follow Whitney via:
twitter: @whitneycclapper
instagram: sideoftheroadsessions

Desk image via Whitney
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