Tuesday, November 13, 2012

inspiration...giving thanks

Since we live far away from our families, each thanksgiving, since we were married, has been about gathering with friends. We were always grateful to those how invited us into their homes and treated us like family. But my mother taught me to always bring a token of my appreciation to the hostess. Most of the times, a casual meal would be a bottle of wine, but for a large celebration like Thanksgiving, means putting more effort into what to give. Of course take into consideration the hostess, and his/her tastes, but also add a bit of your own flare. Keep it simple, personal but not too personal and maybe something that they "wouldn't buy themselves". If you are from out of town, bring something that is celebrated in your own local community. Maybe it is as simple as picking out a rustic container and filling it with flowers to add to the centerpieces or spruce up the guest bathroom.

1. My favorite scent of the moment is Caldrea No. 17 Sea Salt. Makes me smile every time I wash my hands. Caldrea No. 17
2. A rustic tin with twine handles filled with flowers for the day can serve as a place to hold mail or the dogs toys later on.
3. Why do tools have to be practical? This brass bottle opener is beautiful enough to leave out all day.
4. Kinfolk is a gorgeous read for any Saturday afternoon. Will get them ready for their next party!
5. Bringing local foodies are a special treat for the guest and hostess. Big Picture Farm Sea Salt & Bourbon Vanilla Caramels Box
6. This colorful feather tray can fit right in on any desk, hold soap in a guest bathroom or be the catch all for keys or jewelry.

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