Monday, November 26, 2012

inspiration...a good book

Books are my favorite gift to receive and my favorite gift to give. They just keep on giving! Books I am drawn to are usually filled with gorgeous images to draw inspiration. Here are some of my favorite books right now, some are on my "I hope someone gives this to me" list... ;)

1. The New Eighteenth-Century Style is filled with luscious images of interiors that explore the mix of old and new in a very luxurious way. No more shabby and way more chic. Yes please!

2. The Things that Matter by Nate Berkus has been really enjoyable to read. He is very personal about sharing memories of various objects he lives with, as well as sharing what he notices in his (fabulous) friend's homes is really touching. It makes you think about what you have and value, and it is not about lusting after other peoples things, because there is more too it then just an object. Love it.

3. Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington is one I really want to read. She stole the show in The September Issue, living up to her name in both character as well as creativity. She just oozes talent.

4. Roman and Williams is comprised of a crazy talented interior design power couple who sparked the new industrial aesthetic breathing life into interiors and making history lovers (like me) swoon.

5. John Singer Sargent has been an inspiration for me as of late. His breath of work is staggering with various content spanning landscape to portraits capturing an entire period of American history in his wonderful grasp of hazy, gorgeous color palettes.

6. Henley is a cute story of dog and owner and their fashionable adventures together. Wherever Henley goes, he is noticed. This makes me think of my time right now with my pup, Stewie. We are having lots of together time and whenever I take him out, everyone has to say hello and he makes everyone smile when they walk by. That is a nice thing in the Second City!

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  1. I'd like a few of these too. My 'wishlist' booklist is so long, I'm not sure I could summarise it!