Thursday, September 20, 2012

inspiration...journal series

This summer I learned a new skill, screen printing. It was exciting to get in the studio and create, taking me back to my college day so just doing! Our teacher, Leo, taught us to "don't think, just make". I proceeded to stay up all night pondering what my final project would be, oops! But I was pleased with the outcome, it felt like a "me" project, no pressure to have it be anything else. My idea was to connect all the things I love about art–writing, color, and typography. I read through a dozen journals I have kept through out my life, boy did I find embarrassing stuff. Like that I had to embrace the fact that I was boy crazy in high school! The Journal series features four posters with corresponding journals wrapped in one-off poster dust jackets.

BOYS ARE WEIRD March 15, 1994 | 13 years old
I JUST NEED TO VENT August 8, 2003 | 23 years old
QUIETNESS IS NOT LONELINESS April 3, 1998 | 17 years old
IS IT BETTER TO HAVE MORE DREAMS THAN MEMORIES? September 12, 1996 | 16 years old

I still have posters left for purchase at $25 each (18x24 on French paper newsprint) and a few journals at $15 each (224 page lined hard bound). Email if you are interested.

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