Tuesday, June 26, 2012

inspiration...favorite person

I met my very best friend in all the world the first week at college. (We are watching the first season of Felicity right now, and it is so true how the first people you meet in college, travel with you through those ground breaking four years of school and then into life.) We shared the same name and same major, so that made us pretty much instant friends. She blossomed into a successful photographer with a thriving business in CT, 47 Moments Photography. I really admire her for going for her dream while also being a mom to three beautiful children. Her husband is so supportive and their dream is to one day make it a full time gig from them both. I have her work all over our walls at home.

image and information: www.47moments.com

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  1. I LOVE you Rach! I admire you and am inspired by you everyday! You are my very best girlfriend :)