Tuesday, June 26, 2012

inspiration...favorite person

The longer I am in the design field, the more I appreciate the foundation that I built while in school. I worked really hard in school, put all my effort and focus into the glorious experience of learning. Each day I still feel like I am learning, and being honest about not "knowing it all" means that I can keep myself open to the new.

I graduated with some very talented people. One of my FAVORITE people was John Foust. What I appreciated most about him (aside from his electric mega watt smile), was his desire to teach. He was the editor of the university's literary arts magazine, The Rebel. Whenever I would stop by to chat he would take a moment to teach me about paper, or the printing process, or picking color and typography. If he lived nearby, I have no doubt he would still be teaching me little facts and making us laugh.

image and information: flickr.com/photos/foust77

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