Tuesday, May 8, 2012

inspiration...what a telephone book can do

That thick yellow telephone book hits our step once a year and each year we recycle it. Too bad I didn't have the creativity to recycle it into gorgeous jewelry like this! Last week I had the chance to visit NYC for the day and while there visited the MAD museum. The necklace exhibit, Hanging Around, was so inspiring, pieces made from so many objects and materials. There were these lacquered white drawers under the glass cases that included more pieces. The first draw I opened, I caught by breath, because these were so gorgeous. Artist, Janna Syvanoja from Finland creates these pieces by finely cutting each piece of paper in a slow process that organically let's the piece become what it wants to be. “I never design it beforehand, I just let it happen." (click on the quote link for the NYTimes article about her)

images and information via: charonkransenarts.com

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