Monday, March 19, 2012

inspiration...the library table

I am obsessed with books. I just love having stacks of books around to pick up, read and be inspired. I also have a deep respect for the craft of printing and hope to explore that art in a deeper way very soon! I always have a list of books that I want to add to my collection and when I came across this gorgeous Victorian school table, I imagined it covered with all kinds of goodies. I have heard that people are concerned that technology is killing print, but I think that is not true. I just think that it is even more important to create printed pieces that are not only inspiring in content, but visually inspiring as well and people will find value in that. I am excited to see new magazines popping up, like Kinfolk, Anthology, Uppercase, and 3191.

1. industrial pendant lights (you will need good lighting)
2. very long victorian school table (10 ft. long!)
3. cosy throw
4. linen wingback chair
5. Uppercase issue 12
6. The Intellectual Devotional (I am intrigued...)
7. La Seduction by Elaine Sciolino (why are the French so sexy?!)
8. 3191 quarterly issue 6
9. John Singer Sargent captures an era of fashion, color and lifestyle

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