Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Last night I listened to the wind howl through the trees outside, while I sat warm and cozy on the couch, curled up with my puppy and the third volume of Kinfolk. It is a magazine that has been getting a lot of press, for it's beauty, simplicity and delicate style. A designer's dream; thick uncoated paper, gatefold cover, perfect bound, large imagery, no advertisements and an elegant use of typography. But what I was most interested in was the voice, the written prose that rally around, explore and pick apart what our connection is to food, the earth and each other. As a Christian, I see parallels with the importance of gathering around a long table and breaking bread together is significant (Mat. 9:10-13). Binding. Deep. Transformative. The beauty of honesty and reflection from the writers was disarming, personal and introspective. You can't help but go there too as you read. My experience in the kitchen growing up was not positive, making me feel like that was not where I needed to be, not a place of safety. But as I dive deeper into married life, my husband and I explore what it means to break bread together. We opened our home up each Friday last summer to anyone and everyone, to share food and spark new friendships for ourselves and for those who shared that evening with us. Home is important, and I think design, color, texture and space play a huge part, but it is not the only part, it is not the part that makes it come alive. It sets the stage for the people, for the intimate life changing connections, a safe haven from the howling wind of the crazy world outside.

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