Sunday, January 1, 2012

inspiration...a day off

(puppy after his snip snip)

Sometimes you just need a day off from life. I have to be honest in saying I am glad that 2011 is over. It started with stress and ended with my head in the toilet puking! Stomach flu is not a Christmas tradition I want to experience again! In sickness and in health, it was amazing to have time to lay low, think about the possibilities of 2012 and heal. Heal from some of the tough things that happened in 2011 and get renewed for what is next. Our 2012 theme is "intentionality". This will transpire in a variety of ways, making each decision and connection meaningful and real and living life in a deeper way. Making steps to see dreams realized and investing in what matters. Everything is a choice, you can't live life playing the blame game.

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