Sunday, December 18, 2011

inspiration...geoffrey keating

The past few years we have seen a shift to the desire and demand for quality, crafted goods created by people who care. Local artists who want to create something from the heart and people want to buy items that are special enough to hand down to the next generation. My grandfather worked with wood, making my family dry sinks, stools and picture frames. I wish I could have watched him while he worked, but I am grateful to have a couple pieces created by him.

When I first saw the work of Geoffrey Keating, my jaw dropped. The subtle detail that goes into each piece is breathtaking. But what makes me really happy is to see someone putting that effort into a craft while also having an eye for style, tradition and beauty all in one. The Wharton High desk is inspired by flat files and clerk desks and combined with the warmth of wood to create a truly unique desk. Worthy of passing down.

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