Sunday, September 18, 2011

inspiration...heirloom quality

This blog is not about consumerism, though that is what makes the world go round. This blog is about beauty, utility and finding things that come beside you in your everyday life that enhances it in function and aesthetic. Why should your one dust pan be crappy plastic? Why should your serving spoons that you have on your table everyday not be something that can be passed on to a friend or to your child? That is why I love sharing on my blog and why I value something that someone else took time to make or something that is still around after 75+ years. It it not the price that makes something valuable, it is the meaning you see every time you use it.

Harriot Grace is a family company out of Vancouver that realized that the things they created and valued my be loved by others, so they create handmade wooden household pieces. I love the variety of reclaimed wood that they use for each piece.

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