Thursday, September 29, 2011

inspiration...creative camping

As you can already tell, I love to find inspiration in as many ways possible from reading, searching flea markets, traveling around the world or just turning on the television. Since more people are seeing the value in being creative, looking for the unknown and exploring new cultures, there are interesting "camps" popping up. I guess you could say these are curated trips that hone in on what creative people would like to do and experience. Not your average travel agency. For example, Ace Camps offers creatives opportunity to travel to new locations, explore the neighborhood, connect with other like minded peeps and be welcomed into a local crafter's creative world and create with them. If you are free the first week in November, you might just want to head down to Pescadero, Baja. Learn to surf, hang out in a hammock, and sleep in uniquely decorated tents.

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