Sunday, April 3, 2011

inspiration...extreme talent

It is a pleasure to work at a company that I am constantly in awe of the passion and excitement that drives it each day. Michael Jager, the powerhouse behind all the passion, is such a bad ass, that I get excited when I find myself in the same meeting with him, where I can see it happen, live. Talent. He's got it. The real deal. He gave me an award once, and with it were tickets to the Flynn Center. Last night, I found myself in the same room as some other bad ass people, passionate about music and dance. Philip Glass came out on stage, dressed like any other older, male Vermonter in the crowd. After introducing his next piece, he ran his hand through his disheveled hair, sat at the bench, and began to play. Talent. He's got it. The real deal. Closing my eyes every so often, in order to truly soak up the sounds that frantically pumped from the grand piano, I was in awe. Next to take the stage was a modern dance performance by 11 dancers all dressed in white. Music by Philip Glass. Choreography by Lucinda Childs. My eyes could not take in all the movement fast enough. Repetition, minimal, fluid, joy. The dancers performed while a scrim in front of them, blocking them from full view of the audience, reflected the exact same performance 48 years ago. Video and dancer, in-sync. We were so close to the stage, we could see the dancers expressions, their energy and their heavy breathing.
I left inspired and excited. Passion and talent. The real deal.

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