Sunday, April 3, 2011

inspiration...charming charms

I love to travel. I made it a life goal back in high school when I felt stuck in a small, southern town in North Carolina. I had this need to see more, live bigger. To see the world and to keep learning is what I love most, right up there with antiques, books, design, popcorn, music, flowers, shoes, okay, there are lots of things I love! When I came across these charming charm necklaces, each one unique, linking back to the past as well as a location, I was happy. What an amazing story to wear around your neck!

Mark Armstrong Peddigrew, who's initials just happen to be M.A.P., owner of Cartography 40N 74W has found a way to link other antique junkies, like me, to his various destinations and adventures. He describes each piece as, "a vignette of art and history: at once melancholy and romantic, edgy and sexy, masculine yet sensitive – and like life, no two necklaces are the same, each standing as a unique testament to the lives they previously lived."

I pick the third necklace consisting of a 2” knife “Auto Body & Painting” from California, USA; a real 4-leaf clover in glass from Limerick, IRE; a mini picture Bible, opens to black and white images and beautiful image of Jesus molded into front from NYC, USA; a sterling silver horse head charm from St. Louis, USA; and a turquoise stone from Arizona, USA. Only destination from this necklace left to explore is Ireland, and that has been at the top of my list for years!

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