Monday, March 7, 2011

inspiration...the book club (with snow)

I was up all night listening to the wind whip around our house. Now we are stuck at home with mountain peaks blocking us from our garage. The wind still howls. So before I jump back into working from home, I wanted to post this collection of must reads on my reading list. Hope you are staying warm!

1. Pattern book-beautiful inside pages featured here
2. A Pattern Language was given to me this Christmas, and I was so impressed that my friends knew me so well! What a fascinating book.
3. There is a pair of skinny jeans that want to see the light of day....maybe try a 3-Day Cleans??
4. The Geometry of Pasta (book designed by here design) My favorite pasta is cavatappi, who knew the shape could be so enjoyable!
5. Guide to Natural Housekeeping by Cabbages and Roses, one of my favorite brands. I like the term "housekeeping". Sounds more enjoyable then "scrubbing the toilets and cleaning dishes every weekend".
6. The Great Gastby (book designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith for Penguin). Need to brush up on this classic because Baz is making his own version. Can't wait!

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